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Silky Terriers

Silky Terriers are about 9" tall and weigh between 9 - 11 pounds.
They are very hardy tough little dog with a longer than average life expectancy of between 15 - 17 years.

They are a busy little dog with a high energy level and very intelligent. A Silky can be stubborn and willful at times as well but they are alert and you will never need your doorbell again. Visitors will be announced in fine Silky fashion. They are natural watch dogs, their courage is legendary.........
although at times they could do with a little prudence!

Silky's were originally bred to kill rats, snakes and other hard to control vermin on the farms of Australia and are still used for this purpose today. They love to chase cats squirrels and other dogs,
the bigger the better.

A Silky might be a small dog but they believe they are BIG. They don't consider themselves small or
as lap dogs. They love human attention and they belong indoors. If you ignore a Silky for too long
they will think up a way to GET your attention. You may not be too pleased with what they may think up.

The Silky has a single coat of long almost human-like hair. It should be non-shedding and not
cottony or coarse. The coat is fairly low maintenance. A good brushing every other day is enough to keep the coat shiny and tangle free. Weekly bathing is a good plan to keep the coat and skin in optimum condition. Monthly foot and ear trimming is easy to learn to do yourself and helps your Silky to look it's very best.

And the most important thing of all is to give your Silky all the love and attention it needs!

Our Silkys are a blend of quality Canadian, Australian, New Zealand and American bloodlines. Health and temperament are guaranteed.